Isabelle Mutyavaviri is a 18 year old girl. She is doing her A’level at Progress Christian College in Gweru. She is also a sports person .She plays volleyball,netball and she an average swimmer. “I am a girl who loves trying new things and meeting new friends.I aspire to be happy and never regret time lost” She said in an interview with club excellence. Below is a question and answer conversation between club excellence and Isabelle.

1) What is your name? My name is Isabelle Mutyavaviri

2)How Old Are You? I am 18 years old

3) What are you studying? I am an A’ level student studying History ,Shona and FRS

4) Why are you participating in Miss Teen Intellect? I am participating in the miss teen intellect so as to acquire more skills and knowledge outside class and gain more confidence.

5) How will you feel if you win & what are you going to do for the society? If i win i will feel honored and thankful to everyone who supported me last but not least the Lord almighty.As for the society i would love to start up a project for the less privileged and the girl child.

6) What is your inspiration? My inspiration is to never give up on life and digging up more on talent.

7) What makes you unique What makes me unique is that i am girl who likes adventuring into new things and travelling learning more about the universe and people who surround it


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