Terrance k Sibanda better known by his professional stage name T3rry tempo aka (Bulawayo’s Golden Boy) is a hip hop and multi genre collaborating artist based in Bulawayo. T3rry began doing music at a professional basis in 2017 and has been building himself since then, he has been performing in a couple of occasions, big and small.

T3rry has since released a mixtape as part of introducing himself to the hip hop audience and has been doing well so far. The mixtape is titled 5x Greater (Five Times Greater) and we are going to break it down for you.

PLAYLIST A is the first cut out piece from the 5xGREATER (MIXTAPE) written and recorded by T3rry tempo in 2017. The first phase consists of 6 songs of which some are a part of the mix tape, with one single titled “Choices” that was written by Travor Phillip then recorded by T3rry, and a Rap
story telling banger titled My Way.Then follows NO HEART NO LOVE, a love story gone wrong, written and recorded by T3rry tempo and Nigerian sensational singer YOUNG FACE, And NAKED,a remix from the original song done by Ella mai where T3rry threw in a few bars and rhymes to add to the sweet love story, and BEEN FOCUSED, A single written by T3rry, produced by Washa T,engineered by Loshy zw, and last but not least, DONE PLAYING NICE, A banger rap single remix of the original done by Phora where T3rry spit a few bars to add up a little spice to it..

The first phase is the introduction to the official mixtape which the official release date hasn’t been put out, so T3rry has put out the first phase in order to introduce his listeners to what the mixtape is going to be made of. You can stream the mixtape from on the link Below


For more on T3rry Tempo and updates on his music follow him on the social media platform handles below:

Twitter: @t3rrytempoZW
instagram: @t3rrytempoZW
YouTube: T3rry tempo official
SoundCloud: @t3rry_tempo


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