The ‘People’s Rapper’ Asaph to perform at the Burna Boy show!

Multi award winning rapper Asaph has been picked out as one of the locals to perform alongside the ‘AFRICAN GIANT’ BURNA BOY at Hellenic Sports Club in Harare on April 17.

Through an online campaign by events promoter Kayse Connect where people where asked to suggest locals they would like to see perform Asaph together with Winky D, Ammara Brown, Jah Prayzah, Tammy Moyo, Enzo Ishall and Sulumani Chimbetu made the list.

Asaph being the only artist from Bulawayo currently selected as the event promoter’s spokesman has mentioned more artists are to be added,is in high spirits and ready for the show as he was quoted saying, “I’ll be representing the City of Bulawayo and the hip hop culture. I’m mad hyped to be part of this show. Let’s make history.” With no doubt the people’s rapper has proven himself to be Bulawayo’s Royalty through a tweet followed by a hashtag #AsaphChallenge, which we saw not only Bulawayo but a whole of African giants engaging to it. He’s the only hip hop artist to unite Bulawayo and the rest of Africa in a very artistic way.

The Burna boy show is promising to be an amazing experience and with the ‘People’s Rapper’ performing, it is a show not to be missed .


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