For many years now DGV Rap battles has continued to keep the hip hop culture alive in Byo maping the City of Kings and Queens (known widely as the centre of hip hop in Zim) around our neighboring borders and beyond!

This year nothing has changed. The Rap battles kicked off on the 31st of January(Friday) with a buzzing, draft auditions event which was totally free for rappers who think they can battle. A turnout of approximately sixty people attended the event at Wingz Take Away along 9th Avenue & Robert Mugabe Way next to Musimboti,  a scintilating experience was created that only promises more to come.

Naboth RIZLA who has spearheaded this movement for a years highlighted that it was upto the Bulawayo population to take the challenge and make an effort to understand what is going on. ” NO HATE-LET’S DO GREAT! ” so he said on our  WhatsApp conversation.

The hiphop mogul further went on to say that, ” It should be known that DGV Rap battles is home to stars such as Asaph and Yung Tyran to name a few, who kicked off their careers battling for supremacy in the streets of Bulawayo”.

Be on the look out for DGV rap battles on the 14th of February at Wingz Take Away along 9th Avenue & Robert Mugabe Way next to Musimboti, as there is much more to be expected.

We call upon all the Bulawayo audience to take part and grow the experience.