“Nketa 7 made Lamas”

Afro-fusion star and Rapper Lamas Ellz has opened up on his career in the making. He has uttered that being part of the Gold Diggers Movie screening event does not only give him an opportunity to showcase his talent, but builds a strong bond between him and the place. Of late the artist scored two soundtracks for the new hot local movie namely Fak’umoya and Fere Fere.

“Nketa 7 is home to me. It is the location in Bulawayo with the most talented people. My first ever recording experience was with Mjox in a bedroom studio who has now become a radio DJ at Skyz Metro FM. I had my first followers at Nketa 7 and made best friends there. Big connections with film producers known as Creative Pot got engaged in my most successful single Fere Fere which became the soundtrack for the local Drama Dlala Ngamla” said the aspiring artist in an interview with Club Excellence.

Lamas went on to express how he feels and looks toward to performing in such a place that made his dream grow bigger by the day.

“We started small in bedroom studios till we made it to professional studios in town like iL-Duce Dynasty, Kontrol Tribe and Certified Music Records. Sunday the 8th is not just a day on the calendar for us. It marks our progress as we will be giving back to the community by providing entertainment that shapes people’s lives and vision for the young generation coming after us.” the artist had to further unfold his story.


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