KoKo sees Tinaash_Xo !

“Sometimes it takes a different sound from what the public is used to for one to break through in this business”, says a Bulawayo based producer and Excellence Music Records founder SheKnows KoKo.

Yesterday, the competent producer released his first single project of the year which comes as a collaboration between him and a versatile artist Tinaash_Xo. According to the producer, It’s a genre outside what the public is used to get from either him or Tinaash.

” Working with Tinaash has always been my 2019 project, the artist displays such a glamorous motive when he’s behind the microphone. I bumped on one of his projects which I downloaded on WhatsApp earlier 2019 and from then I developed interests to work with the artist. Since I’ve know Tinaash, he’s that candle that only needs a lighter to shine even in the darkest corners of music and art” said the producer.

Talking of this project, the duo been working on a short Ep but it got delayed due to some other external reasons and this newly released project was done last year around April since then it has never been released.
“High School is a project we recorded last year April as part of an Ep we were supposed to deliver, since then we’ve been waiting for the appropriate time to bring it out to the public” he said.

18th of March is the date the project was release as we were also celebrating SheKnows KoKo’s birthday, a reason enough why this project is a special for the producer.


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