As the world is fighting against the pandermic Corona Virus which has claimed lives of many and some still fighting for surving, it’s been quite a journey for the Harare born producer and recording artist HFace, who has graced us with his touching single titled “Gaz’ Lami”.

HFace, after losing his mother when he was only a 6 years old forcing him to move to Bulawayo, the Miltonian schooled artist and rugby player was inspired to set a record titled ‘Gaz Lam’ (my blood) which unveils most of the events that unfold in the society. This comes as his second successful record after his 2017 single “Monalisa”.

“Gaz’ Lami has touched the hearts of many for it is a song from my heart and it is based on my story and the stories of many”,  said TherRealHFaCe. It is a track based on welfare issues as a child is raised by foster parents and after a long period either the relatives or bilogical parents show up to claim their child back saying, “uligaz lam’ (you’re my blood).

The track has a unique resonate compared to his previously released songs. “That sound comes from within so I decided to do a whole MixTape with that vibe” said HFaCe in an interview with ClubExcellence. It’s a new evolution echo for the artist symbolising his spiritual growth and maturity, therefore, it has led the artist to release a mixtape this coming April.

This mixtape has therefore become the most anticipated project, we await.

Stream : HFace – Gaz’ Lam’ (Official Video)

 Stream : HFace – Gaz’ Lam’


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