Firstly they put it in a song, S’fun imali, some perceived it was all talk until they landed an accolade “Best Underground Rapper” an appreciation for Another Bag Of Trash but that was not the last of them. A new dawn came through with the rising ‘Uluvivi’ in the wake of 2020. Four months into 2020 they have delivered a message which has stirred the industry with the yet to drop Umlayezo. As if that isn’t enough, they have justified their silence in the past years with Better Late Than Ever which is yet to shake the industry.

Who are they? What do they do? Where are they from? Where are they coming from ? Where are they going? It’s high time everyone walks their walk. Here we unlock the group members so you can know them better.

T Cube Monkey is an artist, producer and videographer representing Red Monkey Nation and Weedupe Family Visuals. Straight outta Nkulumane in the City of Kings and Queens is where his musical journey started. “Sometimes I feel like the world is preparing me for something bigger for with every stride I take in the walk of my musical career I gain a skill which makes my jump even better. When it comes to music, it never dies, there are vibrations and sound waves that pass through us every day and in my case every molecule in my body can not help it but dance so with every string I pull and every shoot the crowd should move,”┬áhe said in an interview with ClubExcellence.

Tawanda Muchineuta aka “Tazz” has been a rapper and music producer since the year 2013 alongside Red Monkey Nation and Weedupe family Visuals. His aim is to penetrate the music industry and stay relevant when it comes to songs and those of other artists. “Music is sacred and each artist is responding in their own way and at their own time. Every time I work on a song, the eternal search for divine sound is what I’m after. I lock myself indoors for days making love to the divine which is beyond the noise and what other people tell you to do. The sound may be hot right now but I move it beyond this moment with the magic that engages the audience beyond this time and place for this very moment will be no more,” he said.

EK Cypher is an artist and song writer. An artist full to the brim and all his inbetweens are joined by the life he have lived in the streets of Bulawayo. “When it all breaks I fear to hear no sound. Before the fall, everything is still and that is how I want to remember it all but some can not help it but flee too high but I remain calm as I’m sure with my music I will soothe everyone who remains with me but not in vain. This is why I have been working on Better Late Than Never,”he said

Eland is a Zimbabwean bred multi talented dancehall artist, singer and song writer born in the outskirts of Harare Glenview, currently based in the city of Kings. “I’m set out to capture the hearts of many with some of my songs which are directly inspired by the day to day life experienced by people in different parts of life especially the ghetto. As an upcoming artist I have a strong message accompanied by metaphors and similes to compliment my artistic journey pushing towards motivating, inspiring and uplifting every ghetto youth around the world through music,” he said.

Scarrah is also a member of the Red Monkey Nation, straight outta Bulawayo. ” There is nothing new under the sun, neither is there something too old for mankind. We always seek a name to use as a cover up vintage, classic, modernized you name it. One thing is common about the past and the present, someone had to stand up for everyone both weak and strong and to propel the rise, music was a heavy duty tool. Keeping up the tradition of the past using the tools of the present that in itself is a rare attribute, but using both to come up with something new is a message which is beared in Umlayezo,” I quote the artist’s wisest words of inspirational truth.

Preyung was born and raised in the City of Kings where he represents Red Monkey Nation and the Weedupe family. As an underground artist working his way up to e mainstream, he believes whatever is moving him blooms and aches as the essence of it is heavy as it weighs but the young artist won’t submit. “Each time am on the stage and hear people shouting my name my borders shift and make a map of me which has landmarks of art. The looks and cracks of me make the music but what did I know of my art before the audience gave it shape? and that’s how Uluvivi was birthed,” he said.

Gunx da Pharoah is that big rap bully you will definitely run into. He’s a gun what else should you expect besides head shots hahaha… “I eliminate my competition with precision thus I remain the only Pharaoh in the game. 6 years in the game, I have earned my name Gunx da Pharaoh by making the path to the top narrow. The picture has not always been rosy, but whenever it was the thorns always pierced through my skin and the open wounds fell in love with the pen, the pen fell in love with the paper and the paper fell in love with the mic that is how Another Bag Of Trash came to life. My nervous system goes beyond my skin thru the pen, paper up until it reaches the mic creating a reflection of what is inside and whatever is inside is going to push all jokes aside. When I find them funny after work I will definitely call and laugh,” he said.

Now you know the artists, get to know their art. In courtesy of Red Monkey Nation allow the ClubExcellence blog site to present to you the Quarantine Playlist, enjoy.


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