By T3rry Tempo !

For many many years, Bulawayo hasn’t been the hotspot for the outbreak of talent, thus forcing artist to move to other cities and countries, namely SHASHA moving to South Africa, Winky D moving to Harare, Charlie Zimbo moving to Canada and a lot more BULAWAYO born talent moving out to seek opportunity out of the city, but today we have 6 artists that have been deeply observed and show remarkable performances that will spark a huge light for each of these acts with Brilliant talent and determination. Bulawayo homes the biggest growing talent that will bring a huge turnaround to the Zimbabwean music industry.

VUYO BROWN : A very beautifully heartfelt singer who has beautiful music playing in and around the country, she has a very beautiful soul voice and she knows how to use it, she is a mistress in beauty creation, she’s a phenomenon
FISH F NDARAMU: the Ndaramu trap king, a man who chose to follow and create his own path, combining a fusion of trap to his African infused sound resulting to astounding vibes very respected by those who appreciate talent & creativity.

Mzoe7 aka Mr GagaGugu: The deep Afro infused Byo act, with a very deep afro vibe connection, Mzoe if a very creative artist who rips up the stage whenever he performs and he’s performances are impeccable, he has the best choreography skills and the music is just more than a vibe.




T3RRY TEMPO aka BULAWAYO’S GOLDEN BOY: The young touch of spice to the Bulawayo industry, the young man came in hard with a hard mixtape and he promises bigger moves. He tells beautiful love stories, life stories and a lot more through rap and afro, he has the most beautiful story structuring and creativity and his musical is always implacable.



MSIZ’KAY: a very eccentric and unique afro fusion artist with a beautiful African story to tell and a beautiful outlook on life. He has a very unique and captivating style of art that communicates with anyone anywhere. He’s just too good not to love




ASAPH aka THE PEOPLE’S RAPPER: He doesn’t need an introduction, he is a trend setter in the Bulawayo segment, he has the industry in his hand. The city has created the best rappers in the city but they all die away all due to the lack and stunted support from the fans and audiences, Asaph seems to have held it off longer than most rappers survive and he is doing a very good job at it, we just hope he doesn’t die out in 3 years time like most Bulawayo Rappers



All these 6 artists stated above have full ability to make it big and even on top of the current greats, the industry needs purification and cleansing, so it’s necessary for the trends to change because when things stay the same, they don’t change.In overall, these 6 artists have the biggest opportunity In making big changes to the industry because it’s them that is most likable at the moment and it’s necessary that they work toward it.

Article composed by T3rry Tempo!


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