Women In Hip Hop (#WIHH) is a whole new episode that seeks to promote our local femcees as a way to help them market their brands during this lock down period. As ClubExcellence, we’ve dedicated our time to ask our local female artists random questions on how they view this whole music industry. Here, we have an artist by the name BlaQ Diva Quin, an award winning best group dancer (WhinQuins) and multi-ZimHipHop Awards Nominee. She’s been making trends with her singles like Pusha NgoSolo, Crown Yangu and Chimoko. Let’s have a fun time with the artist and hear what she has to say about the music industry.

Q1. What is your name and age ?                                                                                    A. The name is BlaQ Diva Quin born Nobuntu Mnkandla and l am 21 years old.

Q2. Do you listen to Hip hop and Rap music ?                                                             A.Yes l do, and l am more of a local hip hop music fan than an international one.

Q3. If yes, do you listen to any female artists within this genre of music ?                           A. I listen to every female artist there is, as long as l can get access to their music but that serves as a challenge in this country because most people still do not understand the value of uploading and marketing their works well online.

Q4. What comes to mind when you hear ” women in hip hop” ?:                                         A. That sounds like women are being termed as vulnerable once again. But it is an undeniable fact that we need such organisational structures to try and give women their voices.This to me means coming together as woman, supporting each other and growing together.

Q5. Who is your favourite male rapper and why ?                                                           A. Rap is diverse so it is hard to choose but l would definitely have to say Takura is. This is because his sound is different, unique. His work presentation is top notch,his lifestyle is costly, he understands the art of being expensive as an artist. He understands quality and creativity. The list could go on.

Q6. Who is your favorite female rapper and why ?                                                          A. l don’t have a favourite rapper really l guess that comes with the fact that l am one too but i do appreciate certain females in the industry(local) for their good work. So far in the industry l think Kikky Badass is one artist that is doing quite well for herself , She understands project presentation, timing, investments and consistency unlike most rappers.

Q7. Do you prefer listening to male or female rappers ? And why ?                                   A. l listen to both females and males, you can never grow if you are selective of what you want to know.Even great philosophers studying all subjects

Q8. Why do you think there are very few female hip hop artists with commercial success?
A.The truth of the matter is not in the women only ….we dont have a fully functioning music industry ,which is greatly affected by our current economic status so before life experiences like marriage and pregnancy occur you already are facing problems.

Q9. Do you think that the music industry provides female hip hop artists with the same amount of support as male artists ? Please explain your answer.
A. l believe that in life if opportunities don’t happen too often we are to create them for ourselves….even if that was so l think its rather people focus more on the solutions than problems.

Q10. Do you think female rappers have to prove more through their flow and lyrical ability to be heard and respected in the industry?
A. People should sing what other people want to listen to, it’s all a matter of giving people what they want so that you get what you want.

Q11. As a female artist, which major drawback have you encountered in the industry ?
A.Lack of understanding how the world works, how the music industry works.

Q12. What’s your word of advice to all the up and coming female artists in the Industry ?
A.Set your goal…Educate yourself about the goal..Plan how you will chase it…and go for it…but above it all put God first.

Stay tuned as we possibly try to reach out and unlock every femcee in the industry.


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