Women In Hip Hop (#WIHH) is a whole new episode that seeks to promote our local femcees as a way to help them market their brands during this lockdown period. As ClubExcellence, we’ve dedicated our time to ask our local female artists random questions on how they view this whole music industry. Here, we have an artist by the name CMK popularly known for her single titled “I do better”. Let’s have a fun time with the artist and hear what she has to say about the music industry.

Q1. What is your name and age ?
A. Chophekile Maria Khumalo, Aged 22.

Q2. Do you listen to Hip hop and Rap music ?
A. Yes I do.

Q3. If yes, do you listen to any female artists within this genre of music ?
A. namely Remy MA and Cardi B.

Q4. What comes to mind when you hear ” women in hip hop” ?
A. things that everyone can relate to, not just booty, money and sex.

Q5. Who is your favourite male rapper and why ?
A. JCole, he raps his truth and reaĺity.

Q6. Who is your favorite female rapper and why ?
A. Favourite female rapper is Remy Ma, she real, hardcore and her delivery is lit.

Q7. Do you prefer listening to male or female rappers ? And why ?
A. I prefer listening to the male rapper, I’m not really sure why.

Q8. Why do you think there are very few female hip hop artists with commercial success?
A. Rap has always been a man’s game.

Q9. Do you think that the music industry provides female hip hop artists with the same amount of support as male artists ? Please explain your answer.
A. I don’t think women are necessarily afforded the same attention as men are in the rap industry.

Q10. Do you think female rappers have to prove more through their flow and lyrical ability to be heard and respected in the industry?
A. Being mediocre is praised for women almost in a patronizing sense. To most women they take that praise and think that there is no need to grow,just coz, “i spit a few rhymes and was told i’m dope that’s enough” So without that push of those harsh critiques nd all the women in the hiphop industry stay stagnant.
I definitely think they should, to be genuinely respected and legitimately able to sit at the table with the best males in the industry as well.

Q11. As a female artist, which major drawback have you encountered in the industry ?
A. I think what every other hip hop artist in this country is facing -the shortage of people who will be tasked with various things that an artist needs to get done. Basically a management team to help the artist navigate the ins and the outs of the industry.

Q12. What’s your word of advice to all the up and coming female artists in the Industry ?
A. My advice would be to keep keeping on, also for the female artists in the industry to help each other out, work together and fix each other’s crowns because we all queens.

Stay tuned as we possibly try to reach out and unlock every femcee in the industry.


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