For several years Fab G MshanakaGogo has been working hard to earn the spot he is  currently standing on in the music industry after discovering his profound sound some time last year which the artist calls Umthobanhliziyo “tribal”. He believes that collaborating with other artists regardless of the genre of music, is another key that will improve and dominate our music circles.
How can fans appreciate us when we don’t respect and appreciate each other as artists ? Rather only focusing on his foundation, this year the artist has collaborated with various artists in Byo namely Mzistoz Mfanafuthi, Pre Yung, Scarah, Shiz Mozz, Muse n Uno XO. Speaking of his current track called “IThemba Elitsha” featuring Cliff Jeans, the artist promised it will be released soon as the track dwells on the spread and effects of CoVid-19.
One of the biggest collaboration Fab G  is proud of and believes it has improved his artistry is the one he will drop soon featuring Charles Bhanda a.k.a Mahlaba alongside Ntando and Gazi Elimnyama on the live guitar instrumental. It’s Umthobanhliziyo “tribal”, Maskandi and Imbube fusion titled “EMATHANDWENI”.
“I feel honoured and proud to finally get to work with Charles Bhanda/Mahlaba, respectively for his level and talent he organised the guitarist, the backing vocalists as well overseeing the project  to be successful. Charles came to Street Menace Studios and we had a very wonderful studio session for long hours with Cliff Jeans and finally the song was made,” giving his statement concerning the makeover of the masterpiece project we all await.


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