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Through the ages and still ages to come, producers and beatmakers are an essential for the hip hop culture to carry on, not only for the hip hop legacy but for all music genres to live as a whole. Skyz Beatape, a collection of different samples from music producers and beatmakers from Bulawayo comes as the first volume to bring a change hence implementing a strategy view of how artists should work in unity and also as a know how for those artist who might be in search of producers around them.


What’s the purpose of a beat tape? Same purpose as a mixtape, to put your creativity into the public view. As for whether or not it’s for marketing, it depends on the project and the producer in question. Most people tend to post as a hobby but some others treat it like a business.  “I think of it as a little bit of both. I like to think of it as an art gallery for my production, so I can showcase my skill and current musical concepts/styles for my audience and potential customers.”

Who are the producers involved in this first edition? We have well known and very best producers from Bulawayo, some you might already know and some are those you might wish to work with namely, Freak, Tynnie Maz, Cosmos Rainuj, Msiz’kay, Elvis N, KoKo, True O.G, Ditux Mkay, SleemNate G, B-kID,First Class, Phanas. We have a list of whole new producers joining us for the second edition.

As a rapper are you just curious if you are able to use beats from tapes ? and if so what’s the proper procedure ? As a general rule, always contact the producer and find out whether the beat is for sale or free to use. Most producers make a living off of beat sales, both leases and exclusives, and a good amount of their sales are made through projects they put on soundcloud, audiomack, beatstars or bandcamp etc.

How then do you get in contact with the producer ? Skyz Beatape provides emails for each and every producer who is a part of the project. Sample the beats, if there’s any you might which to use or purchase, then simple email the respective producer for arrangements and contracts.



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