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Born Terrance K. Sibanda is an Afro and rap artist who goes by the moniker T3rry Tempo. In the year 2017, T3rry released his first project “5xGREATER” the mixtape. T3rry has been shortlisted as an opening act on Winky D’s album launch with Travor Phillip and on Tellaman’s show. In 2021 he was featured on “Masiyephambili” a song by Austrian based Vusa Mkhaya for honoring the City (Bulawayo), a track which featured 17 other local artists.

T3rry Tempo

T3rry Tempo’s music has been progressing on radio stations and topping chats on hip hop shows such as the RapLab.

T3rry Tempo has shared lyrical quotes from his unreleased songs.

T3rry has shared some of his lyrical quotes to be expected on his soon coming unreleased songs. Here are the 6 lyrical quotes shared by the youngster T3rry Tempo :

01. Who ever is talking Ill about you probably wishes they where in your position

02. No matter how hard life gets always remember that the sun shines still behind the cloudiest skys.

03. If you feel beat down from all the hard ships that come with life always remember that those who fight through always get the best out of it.

04. Cheers to us who smile under the toughest pressure because we know pressure makes diamonds.

05. Every fruit of failure bears the seed to success so learn from every experience.
06. Reward comes after pain and sacrifice just as the sun rises after hours of darkness, keep on and shine after all the hardships because you deserve it.

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