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Luminous wants to live up to his name which means bringing forth light. He aims through music to tackle issues people face on a daily basis. On date he has put out Nkulumane Drive (2016) which also came with the first season off the ” Meet Luminous Series” that takes fans behind the scenes showing them the making of the making of the music and recently he released the Drive Album (2018) doing well.

Luminous has been making a name for himself in the local Rap Battle League scene (Da GrapeVine Rap Battles) also representing Zimbabwe in a clean victory over Botswana’s (Warzone) Rap Battles Champion on the 27th of April 2019. His spoken word prowess continues with a recent release of his latest piece “Letter to my Wife” which amassed over 77 000 views of Facebook.

Luminous feeds his fanbase weekly as he releases short video clips every #Chooseday where he talks about relationships. Here are some of his best 7 lyrical quotes.

  1. ‘Most status Updates are misplaced Conversations meant to be had with one person who isn’t paying attention’ – Luminous in The First Letter 2018.

2. My interviews are interludes, paying attention is piecing clues together for better views of the man that you been vibing to’ – Luminous in Sunday Morning Freestyle 2021

3. ‘I never seek it but I’m war ready you can call me Odin’ – Luminous in Sky City Energy 2020

4. ‘In my zone the stars are aligned are you reading the signs? Bringing light to sky city like God opened the blinds’ – Luminous in when my Pen Bleeds 2018

5. ‘I learnt to be home alone before I learnt to be with crowds, so I’m Kevin McCall every time they count me out’ – Luminous in Sunday Morning Freestyle.

6. ‘Tell the City we love her, though she don’t love us back, look what she did to Majaivana, she drove that man away’ – Luminous in Sky City Energy 2020

7. ‘You gon’ post your girl on your Instagram? Let her meet the world before she meets your fam? Is that the in thing? I don’t understand, but I understand that I’m a different man’ – Luminous in Sky City Energy 2020

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