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Truman Mlilo, who goes by the moniker Mlilo DePriest is a newly discovered Zimbabwean record producer and DJ, born and raised in the City of Kings. The artist comes from Sizinda, a suburb knowing for producing some finest artists in Byo such as SheKnows KoKo and Izikhali Zomsakazo. 
Mlilo DePriest is relatively new on the music scene and has his interests on the exciting genre of amapiano which has seen rapid growth in South Africa and Zimbabwe over the past couple of years. At the young age of 21, he has been hipped and endorsed by locals as possessing the capacity and potential of becoming the "Zim King of amapiano" producer and DJ. 
Mlilo's musical talents have always been evident from a young age and he grew up listening to kwaito and commercial house music from the likes of Professor, Uhuru, DJ Cleo as well as Zimbabwean born Oskido. He tags ShaSha as his inspiration due to her work ethic and consistency in making hits as well as the mere fact that she's a Zimbabwean and has worn the Amapiano Queen crown for a substantial amount of time now. 


The freshly rising artist began music production at the age of 18 and quickly found his home after attempting the amapiano genre and has never looked back ever since. He's a local boy through and through, as he has attended both primary and high school locally at Intunta primary school in Sizinda and Ihlathi High school in neighboring Tshabalala and is currently enrolled at the National University of Science and Technology for a BSC Degree in Records and Archives Management.
 Notorious for actively participating in the organization of bashes and parties in high school, he's always been passionately vocal about his love for music production and the amapiano lifestyle and culture as he looks to to adopt and instill the culture locally in Zimbabwe and pioneer the #ZimYanoWave in the country.

Glow Sunday Chillax

Mlilo DePriest current project is a Sunday Chillax event hosted at his residence in Sizinda 7932/8, Bulawayo. Chillax events are when people get together for braai, drinks, vibes and good music in a chilled environment. The aim of the Glow Sunday Chillax is to advertise his music and that of other local artists looking to break into the industry.

The event features new tracks produced and mixed by Mlilo DePriest and has a live streaming session on Facebook and Instagram.

It is ultimately aimed at “bringing you the Yano wave the Zimbo way “, he said, while expressing his fascinations about the idea of local languages on the amapiano genre and possibly taking over December hits, having realized that Zimbabwe relies heavily on SA for house and amapiano hits every year.

Mlilo’s Hope’s and ambitions for the Glow Sunday Chillax is to franchise it into a mobile event that spreads all over the country in the same culture as that of Major League DJs’ Balcony Mix events that have taken South Africa by storm. “The Glow Sunday Chillax is limitless” as expressed by the producer due to its flexibility in including other artists who want to showcase their material to the online audience and beyond.

New Ep Coming

Mlilo DePriest is also working on a debut project (EP) called Club Genesis, which will feature a number of local artists and enthusiasts expected to drop in May as he promises a few singles during the waiting period.

” The tittle of the EP is inspired by the book of Genesis in the the bible as it symbolizes the beginning of new and great things. The project, which is an intro and insight to my take and taste on the amapiano genre features both club bangers and soulful chilled songs in languages. A track called Gear 7Seven is one to watch out for as it has the potential to compete for gold and give other local producers a run for their money…”, he added.

The prospective “Zim King of Amapiano” promises a great year for local and international lovers of the genre and has Hope’s of creating a mega album which features all top artists from Bulawayo and all around Zimbabwe in a takeover style that will keep pioneering the #ZimYanoWave forward.

The producer also promises more franchises and events and one that is one the cards is the Drop Dead Friday Event for the night owls thatcan’t get enough of the Yanos all night long.

The future certainly looks bright for the young producer who has had interests shown by award winning artist, Novuyo Seagirl and has had engagements with House, Kwaito, dance song of the year winner and local king, Mzoe7. The whole country is urged to be one high alert for material from the the amapiano Producer who looks to do great things and take Zim by storm.

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