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AOK Prontoe
AOK Prontoe

AOK Prontoe Background

Born Professor Dinginkosi Nkala is A Zim native rapper, storyteller, and songwriter known by the acronym AOK Prontoe.

AOK abbreviated as Abolova Originally from Kasi’s raps are IsiNdebele influenced.

The artist mostly preaches about the high density ‘ghetto’ lifestyle.

He ventured into music when he was at the age of 14 years, during his high school days.

AOK Prontoe has built his career with the guidance of his producer and friend Leemzy Beats.

The artist’s dream and aspiration are to be a versatile artist who gives inspiration to the youth- to accept, embrace their self-being, and still be motivated to be a better people.

AOK Prontoe’s ‘Utshwala’ single is doing well on hip-hop chart shows.

The artist has released a number of tracks such as Umkhuleko ka Lova, No Discretion, Incwadi, Abazi Nex, Yellow bone, K’suka Kudal, I am AOK, Hayi Mani, and the hit of the moment “Utshwala”.

Stream on AudioMack: AOK Prontoe – Utshwala

Utshwala came out as one of the leading singles to his coming EP, ( release date to be soon announced)

The single is performing well on social media, online stores, and also on the radio.

Utshwala (meaning Alcohol) interprets how the artist when under the influence of alcohol (utshwala) loses a sense of thinking, which sometimes leads to mental and behavioural disorders, including alcohol dependence.

The artist even explains his addiction saying that “the toxic substance is like a first wife to him and he rather risks his salary to purchase the substance. “

Recently, the single has been making waves on the RapLab Hip Hop Show hosted by the veteran Thorne Laroq on Khulumain FM 95.0

‘Utshwala’ track has managed to even secure the number 01 spot on the chart show.

AOK Prontoe – Utshwala

AOK Prontoe’s dedication and commitment to the game is slowly paying off. It is safe to say that the # HipHopCapital is in safe hands.

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