Beezy Kayn’s influence impacts a positive vibe in South African’s entertainment circles.

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Beezy Kayn is a Zim-SA based act who became a recording artist back in 2010. It’s kind of impossible to archive all that he has achieved without his root country recognizing his efforts. He managed to successfully reach out and ended up working with Cokayn a multi-platinum winning producer in South Africa who has worked with influencing names in the industry such as Fetty Wap, Emtee, Stogie T, Da les, Rickrick etc. ” I’ve done live performances on Etv Morning Live TV show and was given credit to perform again, also did performances in night Clubs in Summit, Maboneng, Soweto and a lot more. I’ve also appeared in a South African soap “Binnelanders “ and also done a few ads for Hunters Dry and J├Ągermeister. I currently have a song airing on SkyzMetro FM in Zimbabwe called “Mama” and I also have my latest music video which is Out Now and also streaming live on MIXZtv in the USA.” he said.

Watchu Talkin Bout – Beezy ( Official Video)

“Watchu Talkin Bout is a song dated all the way back to the year, 2016. Its a stereotypical song influenced by the challenges that the artist has been through and how he managed to get up on his feet and overcome any aspect of contradiction. It’s also an encouragement song to anyone #never_give_up in fulfilling their dreams.

The artist has a lot in store and he gave us a comment on what to expect from him in this year, 2021. “There’s quite a lot I want to achieve but to first stick to the basics, my goal is making it in the music industry so to open doors for a lot of young talent from my country, creating a huge fanbase, creating my own platform (record label) giving opportunities to every young talent.(especially in Zimbabwe), also giving back to the community through donations in any kind(feeding/clothing etc.) And since I find my music peculiar, the aim is to be heard right around the globe, “ he said.

Watchu Talkin Bout – Beezy ( Official Video)

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