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Zimbabwean vocalist Cingi roped on the veteran musician Vusa Mkhaya to bless us with a single titled “Ngikhuseliwe”.

Ngikhuseliwe meaning I am kept, is a therapeutic and calming song which the artist expressed as a happy tune after going through turmoil with regards to her identity, values and belief.

“The song Ngikhuseliwe is my happy song. It’s my calming song, my therapy song hahaha. I’d sing it to myself when I was going through turmoil with regards to my identity, my value, my beliefs and who I am generally. And as the lyrics say in IsiNdebele, angila kwakuhlelwa (I am not cursed), ngimsulwa ngigeziwe (I am sanctified, I am washed)…”

“To me, that’s where the good news begins in one’s life. Love the Lord your God, then love yourself and finally love others as much as you love yourself! And the second part of that command which is loving thyself has been tricky to me, and most of us. Because how do you love yourself, if you don’t know yourself and believe in who you were created to be? Its get tricky huh. So when the song worked out self love and identity in me, I decided to share the tidings with others…”

“I’ve been in trouble way too many times, and all of the times it had to be about speaking up where society says I should not. Otherwise, I think all of it came from a good place and I’d do it again if I had to…”

Ngikhuseliwe means I am kept, and that’s just my honest truth. My source has been keeping me, keeps keeping me and will forever keep me. I’ve gone through quite a number of things in life, but still He kept me. I’ll go through some more too, He will keep keeping me,” she said.

She added, “It’s definitely life-ly … I want to sing about things that matter in life, that we battle with everyday such as Identity, confidence, inspiration, motivation, social issues, love etc. In terms of genre, ayii, I’ve always had a problem describing it but I’ve done house, jazz feels, maybe afro soul. All of it is an afro fusion of a sort though.”

“I think it’s a question of what inspired me and that what is the need and desire to speak a word in a medium that it could be heard extensively and well. So besides public speaking and all, that medium was music.”

“My creative process is mostly moved by emotion. I write a lot when I’m in deep thought and sometimes distress. That’s when songs come up and I feel better afterwards. I then go back to develop it later and put words and tunes in my more stable mind And that’s just how Ngikhuseliwe came about…”

She expressed her gratitude to “the ancestor” Vusa Mkhaya, as she adored the veteran musician calling him an amazing person. “Haha Vusa Mkhaya is an amazing person. A really good role model and I’m so humbled to have been given an opportunity to work with him. He is a fountain of wisdom, not only musically but morally nje as well. I’ve learnt a lot from him, and I promise to use all I’ve learnt.”

Vusa Mkhaya

Cingi is not only a musician, she holds a degree in local governance studies. However, the artist rather chooses to be into fashion and designing if not music making. “Lol I’d be into fashion and designing, and perhaps even politics. I have a degree in local governance studies and so I’d be into administration of local authorities probably.”

She added, “My mother always tells me to stick to the masterplan for ‘Cingi‘. She says she knew God had something in store for me when I was born amidst a lot of trouble, and still made it. Thus my being named ‘CingiNkosi’, because ‘iNkosi’ is my source and keeper. So she says I should always keep referring my progress to Him, because He knows better what’s up for me. NgiyiCinga njalo Inkosi, and my mom is right.”

She has a list of artists that she’s looking forward to work with in the future. “Haha there is loads of them really, Simphiwe Dana, Mirriam Makheba, Yvonne Chakachaka, Zahara, Naima Kay, share the stage labo Amanda Black and Ami Faku. Vusa has been a dream come true as well. Locally give me Tammy Moyo, Amara Brown, Shasha, and the other guys I worked with in the Masiyephambili project…”

In conclusion, Cingi highlighted that the “Ngikhuseliwe” visuals are in progress and she has high hopes the internet will assist her minister to the world again,” so far, my music has been seen on the internet. So it’s been helping me mold Cingi. I don’t know how I’d be reaching out to people had it not been for the internet really.”

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