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Rising star Cliff Jeans has got props from SA-hip hop veteran Khuli Chana through his recent single ‘Istory Yiso’.

Following a ZiFm “The Big Show” Big Shutdown interview with Khuli Chana, the vet was seen admiring ‘Istory Yiso‘ and called out for a feature with the artist Cliff Jeans. below is a Facebook extract to the interview.

After all, the artist ‘Cliff Jeans’ is also looking forward to collaborate with the SA-vet artist. Having been seen on social media appealing for the public to help him secure the collaboration, he said, “Guys lets put the city back on the map. Khuli Chana is down for a feature and I would really much appreciate if we all follow this link and leave a comment. #StoriYisoRmx

The last time a Byo artist got a callout of this magnitude was between the late hero Cal Vin Nhliziyo who was endorsed by Cassper Nyovest. The Zimbos, using Twitter platform, tweeted their way through until a feature was made possible. #ripcalvin.

Cliff Jeans added, ” The last time King Cal Vin was endorsed by Cassper and we retweeted till a feature was possible, we can do it again…” #LetsMakeItHappen #SharingIsCaring

The aspiring producer and artist Cliff Jeans sent a heartfelt tweet expressing how the late Cal Vin always dreamt to get noticed by Khuli Chana, on that, having him now on the lime light is like a dream come true indeed. His tweet read, “I’m actually tearing up now because my OG wanted to get noticed by @KhuliChana and he died before it happened, I feel like he lives in me and getting a shout from you means everything. You gave me only words but they have contributed more than all the beats and vocals to my career. I’m looking forward to work with you…”

In reply, Khuli Chana expressed his feelings and how much he is also looking forward to work with the artist.

Khuli Chana’s tweet

Question is, are the artists going to workout a freshly project or we might be listening to the track “Istory Yiso Remix” ?

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