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Some people might find it shocking and absurd that somebody they barely know now charges that amount. Well it is ridiculous but it is what it is EASI T.R.T charges that much and to him that’s just a start.

Hip Hop MC EASi T.R.T ,20, is one of those artists who is perfectly building his empire at his own pace brick by brick. Born in Bulawayo based in Entumbane, born Emmanuel¬†Ashley Simango popularly known as EASI T.R.T never had anything on a silver plate he had to work hard and had to invest his time in amassing as much knowledge about anything as possible. He taught himself how to write songs, rap, sing, compose, graphic design, market etc. All these things have came in handy in his career but the question still remains “why charge $250 for just a feature?”

This is what the superstar had to say.

“I charge that much because I feel like that’s what I should get for the work and time I put in, my time is the most valuable thing in my life and me taking that time and using it for somebody else’s project when I could be doing something else I gotta be paid for it”

¬†“Time is money bro and another reason is because I took years to perfect my craft and to acquire the skills and knowledge I have including building my brand and that does not go for free”

EASi later went on to mention that he chooses value over fame.

“sometimes it is how you value yourself, I don’t have to be a celebrity figure for me to start charging figures for features that’s how prominent I am,” He said.

There are surely more reasons to his claim but we had to stop at some point. So now you know folks and to all the artists out there be confident enough to know your value, don’t let society make you humble enough to degrade yourself.

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