Could it be one of those “Get Rich Quick Schemes” or It’s a matter of “Value over Fame” ?

It is quite obvious that famous artists in Zimbabwe are highly paid for shows, appearances, endorsements and features. You may ask why, could it be because they’re big, have a huge following, work harder, good for business or their manager is just one hardheaded person.

In this case we look at a young talented artist who our sources claim to charge US$250 for a feature. EASi T.R.T is a 20 year old rapper,  singer/songwriter, graphic designer (Founder & owner of Easy Graphics), who also recently acquired a digital marketing certificate.

He is well known for having a number 1 topping¬† single called ‘Get Used To It’ and on radio charts, causing a controversy among fans after being compared to Stunner and Mudiwa, having the highest music streams (23 000) on Audio Mack, second to non other than the late hip-hop legend Cal Vin among many.

When asked about why he chose to charge US$250 he said “I value myself, my gift and my time more, and 250 is just a start”.

For someone who hasn’t yet ‘blown up’ like the well known industry figures like Jah Preyzar, Stunner, Asaph, Tammy Moyo & Holy Ten.

Asked why he thinks its necessary to charge such amount for his level an artist he said,

“I do not think it’s absurd, why should I undermine and diminish my gift all in the name of being unpopular, I value myself, I respect my craft and I put in the necessary work for people who want to work with me and there is only one EASi T.R.T out there.

He further noted artists are ignorant of the business side of music.

“Nobody is willing to invest because the artists do not know their value and the business side of the industry. Even the bible says, as a man thinketh so is he, Bulawayo Artists should change their mindset and think bigger”. he said.


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