Fab G ready to unleash a 6 track Ep

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On the 14th of February Fab G will be dropping a 6 track EP called ISIBANE, a love story saga about a couple, how they met to the day they tie a knot.

” “Is’bane” which means light is symbolical of love. As the title of the EP that is shooting from Umthobanhliziyo Tribal, its non the less that love can never be found in the dark trenches in as much as it can have its dark side. As a people, we need the burning light to take us through hardships of life, and that’s love we are seeking”, he gave out his comment concerning the project.

Here is a full playlist to the Ep :

1. Nomvula
2. Thenjiwe
3. Isibane
4. Vuma
5. Londolozela
6. emathandweni

“I found a lot of common aspects between love and light because these both inspire, motivate and bring in new life daily creating a purpose to live in the human heart. As Light that guides you to the greener pastures of life is the same with love, when treated with realism and fantasy at once, it takes you to the places you couldn’t reach as an individual. Basically as I said earlier “uthando yis’bane” in everyone’s life…”, he said.

Fab G has released the track Nomvula, as a lead single to the Ep. check the audio below :-

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