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Many times when we mention sons keeping their dads legacy alive it has been everyone else from singers, drummers to dancers but hardly producers.

Mihla Nqobani Mbambo better known as FREAK is one talented individual who didn’t have to wait for his dad to pass on to take over the reins. Born and raised in Old Luveve, 23 years ago, FREAK is son to music maestro THEXY who has worked with scores of artists in and around the city among them Jeys Marabini, Dj Scooby, The Late Cal Vin just to keep the list short.

Father and son relationship

Thexy owned a studio at their home and would take his son wherever he went and naturally Freak picked an interest in his dad’s work and the rest is history, no doubt he speaks highly of him as his mentor and source of inspiration. Thexy is now doing music part time and FREAK is now all in producing for artists, some who worked with his dad and the most notable one being the late Cal Vin who happens to be his first mainstream break as a producer.

Life at Kontrol Tribe

He did the song “Famous” featuring vocalist Purple and was on Cal Vin`sInhliziyo album” and he regards the late multi talented rapper as the biggest artist he has worked with to date. The two have a song together which also happens to be his biggest mainstream break ,the single “Ngomgqibelo” also featured Blaq Princess. With no formal training in music production the now Jozi based producer says he went straight into it unlike others who start off as artists then evolve into producers.

“Producers need to be recognized too…”

Mihla ‘FREAK’ Mbambo

”It hurts so much the way media ignores us and only puts crowns on artistes forgetting us producers considering the work we put in, some of us spend sleepless nights working hard to make tracks sound good but when the product is out we hardly get any props or mentions “said FREAK when asked how he felt on the constant cold shoulder producers get from the media.

Like most frustrated youths from Zimbabwe, FREAK was forced to join the great trek down south in search of opportunities and he has made it clear that his near future plans are growing his brand and be an accomplished producer working with internationally recognized artists.

Ep on its way !

When not busy with artists projects FREAK uses his time to work on his own production and is currently in the process of putting together his first EP titled WORDS IM SCARED TO SAY, an RnB/soul offering featuring Diva DeBlanc, Andrex Ama, Zayne, AshLi and has a kwaito single on the way too titled “AH JEKI” featuring Brett Rammz ,Guchi Fashion Boy, Zoste Kartel, Tuff Guy, K-Tox and Nick Swag.

Producer : Freak

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