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Hirev Rockstar born Mpumelelo Dube is a Bulawayo based rock artist. This is one artist who has been for the large part underestimated and side-lined all the while, he promises to unpack incredible potential via synergies and new projects his pursuing.

“Alpha and Omega-His In Control” is the brand the artist is currently pursuing. To date, Hirev as so affectionately known, has recorded singles like, Underneath this Crown,  Dead on the floor and Shaking the head. Stand out collaborations he has pursued include stints with Novuyo Seagirl in a song titled ‘Shaker Babe’, Pondai, done with Joel Jokoniah at Red Bee studio, ‘Bhubesi‘, recorded at Amazon Studios with Khumalo B and King Krazy; and ‘Spoko’ a massively raw, Rock banger featuring JFT BK.

Lyric video, “underneath this crown” [ HiRev Rockstar ]

Alpha and Omega-His In Control

Asked about current projects,  this is what Hirev Rockstar had to say, “The time has come for me to peel off the vale of entry I was wearing for acceptance sake,  I feel and know it for certain, the market now knows the is a guy who does unique type of music who resides in Bulawayo. Zimbabwe. All my moves have been carefully calculated exploits of strategic progress. I now have a reasonable grip of how to navigate the fan base terrain, many now enquire concerning any new singles I’ll be dropping. So of late I have begun the process of unpacking songs that speak of my, 1) ideology 2) allegiances 3) creativity.”

“What better way for me do this than Alpha and Omega-his In Control. This is a massive orchestra Rock song composed by me and instrumentally developed by me. To put pen and guitar onto Fruity loops and Cubase work stations has been an entire matter altogether.  As an artist I have had to accept short comings I possess so that for the sake of progress, things are achieved.”

Black Orient maintains a formidable biography parallel to none,” said Hirev Rockstar

“I then with the help of Arts Liaison officer Everson Phiri got introduced to Black Orient a man who has played low key while maintaining a formidable biography parallel to none in my own personal opinion. This is one individual I believe has defined Zim music this last half decade whether directly or indirectly and will yet do more in the near future.”

“Complimenting the instrumental lay has been my crew and music colleagues from “Actualite” namely J Dain, Khumalo B and DJ Owen. Lastly, Reilo Veikk has come in hard with rock guitar riffs that compliment the track phenomenally.”

“Alpha and Omega is by ideology an apocalyptic rock song that explores the realms of the supernatural…”

He added, “The song is by ideology an apocalyptic rock song that explores the realms of the supernatural while at the same time challenging the paradigms of reality in its skewed state. The song processes the four minute mark. If heavily accepted, the single will then make the headlining in a Ep already in the pipe works.”

Hirev then went in to state that, “this one song I was first inspired to create several years back, and has been gradually developed in layers as it captures a mix of emotions, expectations, energies and explanations. Covid lock down measures further helped delay the development of the song. But not for one bit am I frustrated as all that has happened,  has actually reinforced the significance of this song!”

Hirev opens up on his relationship status

“Concerning any other issue around my life as an individual,  well, I am still M”r senior bachelor”,  whose keeping his heart tuned in for the right lady,  I say this because I have had horrendous rub-inns in the past that simply did not turn out well. Nothing pursue about the people but simply, the alignment status quo which is a vital component for any flourishing union.”

“As an artist I need a help meet, someone who will compliment what I do and not harass it (lol). I also have been trying to develop business projects that will help me finance my art,  as very evidently the state of the economy coupled with this Goliath choke hold on the arts industry no thanks to covid effects has not been kind financial status of any artist.

Hirev Rockstar

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