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The Whole Tribe(Alacai and Mokays) is pleased to let you know about their brand new video of the song ‘Incwadi‘. As promised, the video has just been released on Sunday the 7th of June 2021. The Video is set up in a vintage style of dress code and environment. It is exceptionally scripted in a way that is not prognostic. More so , the video only involves the two, Alacai and Mokays and non other. Basically, that is the Incwadi Official Music Video.

The Whole Tribe is a hip hop duo group which strives in spreading positivity and making positive change in the people’s lives. It is made up of two young male rappers–Alacai(19 years turning 20 years) and Mokays(19 years turning 20 years) .It is a duo based in Makokoba(Bulawayo, Zimbabwe). “At first when we formed it in 2017 November, It was composed of four male rappers namely, Lain Trent , Tony G , Mokays and Alacai. The other two artists left the group in 2020 ” Alacai commented.

We had a chat with one of the duo member- Alacai and the artist had to share his thoughts concerning the project. ” The title of our new track ‘Incwadi’, was extracted from our home boy’ story. The idea came about when we spoke to the latter Anderson , who told us about how he misses his twin brother whose in South Africa and we saw it as a good story that can be retold into a song with more details. As a duo its something new and unique from most of our previous songs and we are also pleased to have composed it.”

The Whole Tribe

He added, “As a group/duo, we’ve made quite a number of tracks which have been played by various radio stations and have been performed in different shows. Up to date, we have made eleven(11) published songs. Some of them were not uploaded on any social media due to some reasons . We have done songs like: Taq It Baq , Hello , Old Days , Never be the same , Through the window, Talent Nyariri , Themba lam’, Shabby(Shabby has a Video which is our first Video)…”

Shabby Official Video

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