Cliff Jeans, a conventional Ndebele rapper entitles his love song “Istori yiso” after being inspired by the hate that comes when a relationship between a couple is flourishing without any misunderstandings.

Cliff Jeans – Stori Yiso (Official Audio)

How many people have bad mouthed a person that you love in front of you, calling them names? How many times did your lover almost lost patience on you? How many times did yourself thought of letting go of your lover? Despite lock down or Covid19 effects which brings “being broke” nature close to impossible, the Mighty Ndebele lyricist brings us not just a song, but a masterpiece of art that summarizes all our emotions in one plate, which is – Love. Istori yiso – a common phrase in Ndebele (slang) community meaning “it is what it is”.

Through his lyricism, it heavily shows that a lot of people don’t want to cherish a prosperous relationship, hence, they always try to bring about a negative vibe that kills the mojo . The rapper encouraged people never to stop what they created, fed and nurtured because of other people’s opinions. Being a storyteller and a critical person, Ma Jean says in his song “Istori yiso” human mind will never change, it will always undermine what’s real.

On the other hand he keeps his lover rather comfortable “Istori yiso” “No matter what my love for you will never change.” Therefore, the title “Istori yiso” is rather a double edged than a single focused creative. A tier to the two. “While the world is shocked, love mustn’t die in any means. It keeps us going…” he said.


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