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Hip Hop vet P.O.Y (The Tealest) has shouldered on ASAPH to grace us with a summer jam titled ‘Follow’.

Follow was cooked at Certified Music Records by Larynx, the producer, and it features ASAPH.

We had an app conversation with the artist as he commented on his newest drop.

“It’s a summertime party soon. In these times just something to take people to mind off all the stressful situations around us just a good vibe that feel-good music it’s uptempo and dance music.”

“I initially wrote the chorus sometime back before I had heard the Beat…”

“Larynx played me a couple of beats but one really stood out. I know ASAPH for a while, the moment I heard the beat I knew it would be a dope collaboration and we put it together,” he said.

The cover design was done by local designer Sed.

Follow: Song Artwork

P.O.Y: Q&As

To you, what’s the best part about having this project? The Best part is just being able to make music again I had just lost that drive that inspiration now I feel I got my mojo back .

What is your creative process like? I first get a melody then I just write random lyrics to rhyme first before I really focus on a set topic. At times I write two different choruses for the same song then I go studio currently working with Larynx he listens and tells me what he thinks will work then we push.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business? The internet has made it possible for artists to easily promote their music online making it more acessable to fans it helps artists grow their brands faster which helps the industry the grow .

Which local hip hop artists do you admire? ASAPH,Tehn Diamond, Mc Cheetah.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career? I would be doing the same thing I’m doing right now. I work in the meat industry and I’m also into property and other smaller hustles here and there that all contribute to the bottom line cause I believe in multiple sources of income. There can never be enough money so every day we must grind I’d love to go into acting and photographic modeling as well as motivational speaking.

What is one message you would give to your fans? Never Give up on your Dreams!

What’s next for you? Dropping #TheMadGenius album and acting in a local soapie.

Club Excellence – P.O.Y Interview.

Follow will be officially released today at 1500hrs. Exclusively powered by

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