December 9, 2021

1 thought on “Killemol, The Stone The Builders Rejected.

  1. Good observations except the “Satan” part is just speculation if they were part of us we would have told you … Many artists are inspired by our symbolism and they will use it to get our attention but most definetly they are not my children on an occult realm … None of Bulawayo rappers are innitiates my brother … Not until they sacrifice human blood can u relate? … Simply saying Not yet … Noone has flown too close to the sun Illuminati is no child’s play – We are a bloodline and you are born into the occult no other way else u just an associate or you can marry into our family … Nuff said but dope article all in all … Besides the two horned beast origin is in Gods throne and was used by Israel as a Bull and you also find the Eagle and Lion plus a man surrounding Gods throne. Devil worship only counterfeits these originals … But hey tell a lie too many times people end up believing its trust but we know better …

    The Gate Keeper
    Grand Master Supreme

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