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King Anthony might strike you as a regular Joe but when he steps up to the microphone he means business. The little known nomadic rapper is set to take the game by storm if given a chance and is definitely a rapper to watch. Born in Harare raised in one of Bulawayo`s old neighborhoods  Empopoma and later on Famona before joining the great trek down South where he did his school in Pretoria before moving to Cape Town and then his current base of Stellenbosch where he is chasing his dream from.

“When Lil Wayne dropped “A MILLIE” I fell deeper in love with hop and I wanted so bad to jump on the mic. I used to walk around with a bandage on my face during the Nelly days and I’m often told stories of me jamming to Mandoza as a kid” said King Anthony as he explained his musical journey.

Young King or Young Simba is an intro to his 10 track project to be released later in the year; he is planning on going big with the project which will definitely have visual accompaniment. Young Simba was produced by Jackpot, a young producer from Korea, the two met via sound cloud and have since struck a chord and have used the internet to their advantage and have been working together online. MCK helped polish the final master of the single.

King Anthony broke into the game with his single Kenas, a track he named after his grandfather who he says was a big part of his life.” Kenas was introspective, one of my grandfather’s greatest lessons he left me LOOK WITHIN THYSELF”. He added.  

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