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Kuda Mic is known for constantly pushing the limits with his versatility and ability to produce exciting and antithetic music to that of his peers in the hip hop game. The duo confesses to being perfectionists in their art as they constantly challenge themselves to deliver a banger every time they enter the studio.

‘TBT’ follows a social media trend when users, on Thursdays post photographs or recollections of the past under the #throwbackthursday, #tbt, or #throwback hashtags. However, the only consolation is that the song says “everyday is a Thursday”

The banger ‘TBT’ echoes prospects of being a club banger through and through and raises appetites for the club life to many hip hop faithful’s once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Kuda Mic and PMBP, a duo of talented intuitive artists

Kuda Mic (rapper) and PMBP (producer), a duo of talented and intuitive artists clearly know how to produce music at a higher level than their industry counterparts. This is evidenced by the way they’ve been racking up performances at clubs on a regular and ‘TBT’ might just escalate the ‘in-demand’ status that they possess.

Kuda Mic

The duo clearly had intentions of blowing the roof off their future performances of the song and states that the hit single is purely for the listeners and lovers of hip hop. ‘That famous 808 is one to get you jumping off your seats,’ he added.

The exceptionally produced beat can have you questioning whether it really comes from a Zimbabwean artist or not, as because it is surely going to move many people invested in the genre.

When asked about the new single, Kuda Mic stated that “ Its memorable and catchy in its simplicity and as an artist, I enjoy working on that sort of canvas” However when listening to the song, one can detect the passion the duo had when creating the banger and this one is surely going to leave the public longing for more.

Kuda Mic

‘TBT’ a heartwarming event of our yesteryears.

“TBT” in its literal sense is a modern adage intended to remember heartwarming events of our yesteryears. The song is intended in the same sense to inspire many memories to be shared between two lovers and the hip hop faithful is surely going to be throwing it back with this one.

It is also a motivational letter to those who have felt less of themselves in the past to join the duo in enjoying the brighter days of our time in the form of expression and celebration of body positivity.

The song is readily available on all social media platforms for streams and purchases.

Follow link here >>> Kuda Mic – TBT (Produced by PMBP)

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