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On the 15th of june,2021, we welcomed new visuals for the track ‘Energy’ by Australian based rapper Kuda Mic, Chisenga (Zambia) and QZee (Botswana).

Chisenga – Energy (Official Music Video) feat. Kuda Mic and QZee

The track comes an an Afro-Aussie take on one of the most trending South Africa’s hottest sound, Amapiano. Our Club Excellence team had an online interview with Kuda Mic as he shared his experience on track.

Kuda Mic on ‘Energy’

“Our hot new single, ‘Energy’ is an Afro-Aussie take on one of South Africa’s hottest sounds right now, ‘Amapiano’. It’s the lead single on Chisenga’s latest album ‘Rhythm And Poetry’ and it features Botswana-native ‘Qzee’ on a hypnotic hook. Chisenga (Zambia) and I (Zim) round out the Southern-African connection with some rap verses you’ll definitely want to hear on repeat.” he said.

‘The rapper added on, “I have known Chisenga for years now since my days rapping in the rap group ‘Respect The Talent’ (RTT). When I first met Chisenga, my Zambian brothers JWilz and Syan recognized him from his time rocking the charts in Zed.’

‘Since then, we’ve constantly crossed paths but we hadn’t collaborated on anything until one random Thursday at the end of March. Chisenga hit me up out of the blue saying he was still looking for the right song to use as the lead single on the album and asked whether I’d be interested in jumping on the track.’

‘The catch? I had less than 3 days until the video was going to be shot.’

Kuda Mic

Kuda exhibits his versatility skills

“This would’ve been even more of a challenge for me, because I’m constantly working on a bunch of songs at any given time. Sometimes you just have to let a project marinate for a while to ensure every verse is delivered with the flavor that my listeners have come to expect.’

‘The good news is, he was feeling it from the word go and I turned back the clock to my ‘one-take-wonder’ days. I’ve been so aggressive in trying new styles lately that gone are the days where I could go into the studio and kill it on my first take… But I digress.” said the youngster.’

Kuda Mic

Video shoot day experience

‘That Sunday morning we pulled up by the South Perth foreshore, bright and early, an awesome view of Perth city (Western Australia) in the background and we got to work shooting the video.’

‘We ended up spending the day hitting the different locations, but I can honestly say, it was all worth it. Some of the shots of that were captured of Perth city will just blow you away. The video is one thing… The song itself will have you moving involuntarily… Tapping feet… Bobbing heads… All of that. It’s all in the title. ‘Energy’.’

Kuda Mic is always about the positive vibes, good times with good people and above all else, love and respect for everyone.

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