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Award nominee, artist and performer La Dee has been an inspiration around her community, to women and youths.

She recently featured in a song with Novuyo Seagirl titled “imbokodo, where she also showcased her acting skills, thus, versatility.

This week, La Dee has been seen doing cameo and dance in the latest music video by the Plumtree Skool kidz. The video for the song titled “Dlala” which features Mzoe7, was shot around Plumtree by Afri Art. The artist told us how much she loved the vibe working with the children and the team, and how much love she got from them.

Artist, La Dee, was coming from a show in Harare when she heard the video for the song ‘Dlala’ was being done.

“I felt obliged to travel straight to Plumtree from my show in Harare, when I heard ‘Dlala’ visuals where to be shot…”, she said.

La Dee comments on the School Kidz video shoot.

“…The people in Plumtree where so welcoming and the students -I found them very talented. I chose to do the cameo because I believe in future and the children are the future. I didn’t care if I was fatigued or not, for I felt our support is everything. On that, I went on to choreograph some dance moves with the children…”

“… Handy and DJ Yugoe have taught us the importance of empowering the people around us and taking up responsibility. Them helping these children’s dreams come true is an eye opener and a wake up call to all of us…”

“… Growing up I never got the chance like this, however, Handy Sibanda is creating it for these guys, may God bless him and everyone involved. I had a great time working with Mzoe7, Afri Art, DJ Yugoe and everyone who was there. The future of Plumtree’s entertainment scene is in safe hands…”, she said.

Currently, the act is also involved in community based projects that’s are meant to empower women especially in the villages.

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