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Talented radio presenter, voice over artist and musician La Dee seems to be striking the right code this year. At the beginning of the year she served us with a mesmerizing feature on a Novuyo Seagirl record that had creative visuals done by Rasquesity Keaitse where La Dee showcased her acting skills also in the video.

Novuyo Seagirl x La Dee Imbokodo Official Video

Well she is making waves every month and now has bagged a number 3 position on the Skyz Metro radio charts show with her song Happiness.

In the song the talented lady expresses the joy of finding true happiness after a long struggle in life.

Listening to the song one can always relate because it speaks to every individual for we all want happiness, some have found it and some are still searching for it.

The song is a fusion of Amapiano and pop and the beat was done by the talented Conga Brothers then recording mixing and Mastering done at BHK studios.

La Dee – Happiness

La Dee promises to drop more hits this year and is looking forward to more collaborations and pursuing other avenues in the entertainment industry like acting and TV presenting.

“I feel I can do better on TV also and I’m looking forward to trying it out” she said.

She got a nomination for best Hustler at the forthcoming Mama awards this year and her works confirms that she is a good hustler.

La Dee is currently an independent artist but the effort and work ethic/results can be matched with that of signed artists.


The award nominee seeks to release her 1st dance EP this year which is still deciding on the name.

“The song Happiness will be part of my 1st EP this year and I’m going to surprise people with more different sounds in the EP” she added.

“I don’t want to limit my sound, so I will also be working on collaborations with local and international artists on the EP and Visuals.”

La Dee says she also wants to inspire and empower upcoming artists especially the females because it’s never easy in the entertainment industry especially if you are not empowered.

Her wish is to have a recording studio setup and also have them doing money making projects to help them finance their dreams.

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