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Putitsa katsi (pop that kitty) is Lee_Zie Taylor’s newest upcoming single,where the rapper dares to challenge all femcees from the city. The self-crowned princess declared that she is the only one and only Bulawayo’s first lady, keeper of the keys and she came to raise the stakes.

Lee_Zie Taylor – Applaud ft NguDoni x Rockie DoUb (Prod. Loshy_zw)

Putitsa katsi will be dropping on the 19th of February and it features Real Shona. The track was produced by Loshy zw and the Flamers entertainment. Lee_Zie’s comment on the track, she said the single was inspired by some Jamaican track by Steflon Don and Senshea.

“The project is called “putitsa katsi” (pop that kitty) lol. It was inspired by some Jamaican Muzik that l decided to rewrite the song “Drip” which was supposed to drop November last year buh l felt like they were no real emotions in it and no authenticity in it, it sounded more American.l wanted to give it a real life experience that’s why l decided to write about the day Vin died . What l was doing and where lol, and l also gave a Queen speech at the same time #BitchNiggaKilledVin…”

Attention – Lee_Zie Taylor

“The time Vin passed I was in the lion’s den (my man’s house) rocking a sexy ass lingerie as i mentioned on the song. When l heard bout the news l was shattered, Vin was an icon, a brother and a rock in the city. As much as we were always fighting with each other, he’s always helped everytime i needed help (musically) and he always gave me an honest opinion about any track l put out there…”

“Basically I was saying that i’m raising the stakes. Let’s see which femcee can keep up. There is one and only Byo’s first lady/keeper of the keys and it’s Lee_Zie Taylor lol. My target market for this song is the Youth,Our generation is depressed and we need that escape from reality even if it’s just for 2 mins and l believe this song gives that vibe. So to summarize the whole thing #PutitsaKatsi is a turn up/sex song inspired by real life experience…” she said.

AVC (Clean) feat. Sage M-One & Loshy_Zw

The new single to be released will be available on her YouTube channel, also the video is in motion being shot by CNC productions, one of the dopest digital companies.

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