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Noreen Moria ‘badass’ has collaborated with Loshy Zw on a track titled “Bongo”. The track “Bongo” praises all the bootylicious heavy curved, thick women who seductively attract a lot of men into ‘tapping that big a*s sh*t’.

Bongo talks about a guy who’s lusting to feast on a badass chick. It deepens on how the guy is desperately tempted to smash the chick, so erotic, huh ? Parental advisory is encouraged ha-ha-ha-ha.

” Well, uhm me, you know its not every time a girl child feels confident about their bodies and how they made. Love, I love every corner of me and I’m very confident with the way I am, of which, every part of my body is a blessing for me…”, Noreen “badass” gave her comment.

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