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Cliff Jeans, a conventional Ndebele rapper entitles his love song “Istori yiso” after being inspired by the hate that comes when a relationship between a couple is flourishing without any misunderstandings.

Cliff Jeans – Stori Yiso (Official Audio)

How many people have bad mouthed a person that you love in front of you, calling them names? How many times did your lover almost lost patience on you? How many times did yourself thought of letting go of your lover? Despite lock down or Covid19 effects which brings “being broke” nature close to impossible, the Mighty Ndebele lyricist brings us not just a song, but a masterpiece of art that summarizes all our emotions in one plate, which is – Love. Istori yiso – a common phrase in Ndebele (slang) community meaning “it is what it is”.

Through his lyricism, it heavily shows that a lot of people don’t want to cherish a prosperous relationship, hence, they always try to bring about a negative vibe that kills the mojo . The rapper encouraged people never to stop what they created, fed and nurtured because of other people’s opinions. Being a storyteller and a critical person, Ma Jean says in his song “Istori yiso” human mind will never change, it will always undermine what’s real.

On the other hand he keeps his lover rather comfortable “Istori yiso” “No matter what my love for you will never change.” Therefore, the title “Istori yiso” is rather a double edged than a single focused creative. A tier to the two. “While the world is shocked, love mustn’t die in any means. It keeps us going…” he said.



Some people might find it shocking and absurd that somebody they barely know now charges that amount. Well it is ridiculous but it is what it is EASI T.R.T charges that much and to him that’s just a start.

Hip Hop MC EASi T.R.T ,20, is one of those artists who is perfectly building his empire at his own pace brick by brick. Born in Bulawayo based in Entumbane, born Emmanuel Ashley Simango popularly known as EASI T.R.T never had anything on a silver plate he had to work hard and had to invest his time in amassing as much knowledge about anything as possible. He taught himself how to write songs, rap, sing, compose, graphic design, market etc. All these things have came in handy in his career but the question still remains “why charge $250 for just a feature?”

This is what the superstar had to say.

“I charge that much because I feel like that’s what I should get for the work and time I put in, my time is the most valuable thing in my life and me taking that time and using it for somebody else’s project when I could be doing something else I gotta be paid for it”

 “Time is money bro and another reason is because I took years to perfect my craft and to acquire the skills and knowledge I have including building my brand and that does not go for free”

EASi later went on to mention that he chooses value over fame.

“sometimes it is how you value yourself, I don’t have to be a celebrity figure for me to start charging figures for features that’s how prominent I am,” He said.

There are surely more reasons to his claim but we had to stop at some point. So now you know folks and to all the artists out there be confident enough to know your value, don’t let society make you humble enough to degrade yourself.



Putitsa katsi (pop that kitty) is Lee_Zie Taylor’s newest upcoming single,where the rapper dares to challenge all femcees from the city. The self-crowned princess declared that she is the only one and only Bulawayo’s first lady, keeper of the keys and she came to raise the stakes.

Lee_Zie Taylor – Applaud ft NguDoni x Rockie DoUb (Prod. Loshy_zw)

Putitsa katsi will be dropping on the 19th of February and it features Real Shona. The track was produced by Loshy zw and the Flamers entertainment. Lee_Zie’s comment on the track, she said the single was inspired by some Jamaican track by Steflon Don and Senshea.

“The project is called “putitsa katsi” (pop that kitty) lol. It was inspired by some Jamaican Muzik that l decided to rewrite the song “Drip” which was supposed to drop November last year buh l felt like they were no real emotions in it and no authenticity in it, it sounded more American.l wanted to give it a real life experience that’s why l decided to write about the day Vin died . What l was doing and where lol, and l also gave a Queen speech at the same time #BitchNiggaKilledVin…”

Attention – Lee_Zie Taylor

“The time Vin passed I was in the lion’s den (my man’s house) rocking a sexy ass lingerie as i mentioned on the song. When l heard bout the news l was shattered, Vin was an icon, a brother and a rock in the city. As much as we were always fighting with each other, he’s always helped everytime i needed help (musically) and he always gave me an honest opinion about any track l put out there…”

“Basically I was saying that i’m raising the stakes. Let’s see which femcee can keep up. There is one and only Byo’s first lady/keeper of the keys and it’s Lee_Zie Taylor lol. My target market for this song is the Youth,Our generation is depressed and we need that escape from reality even if it’s just for 2 mins and l believe this song gives that vibe. So to summarize the whole thing #PutitsaKatsi is a turn up/sex song inspired by real life experience…” she said.

AVC (Clean) feat. Sage M-One & Loshy_Zw

The new single to be released will be available on her YouTube channel, also the video is in motion being shot by CNC productions, one of the dopest digital companies.

[Watch]Dj Prince Eskhosini- Enhlizweni Yami feat. Mzoe7

Dj Prince Eskhosini feat Mzoe7 – Enhlizweni Yami

Multi-Award Nominee and Club Dj, Prince Eskhosini releases visuals for his track ‘Enhlizweni Yamifeaturing #RoilBAA2020 Best Music Video Award Winner Mzoe7. Visuals shot by Rasquesity Keaitse from Keaiste Films and Creative Pot Media.

Enhlizweni Yami is an #amapiano track which exhorts about Love, celebrating love and appreciating our loved ones. This can be a valentines gift to all the love birds readily to celebrate with a style.

RASTA (amapiano remix)..Dj Prince Eskhosini x P2daoh feat. Vusa Mkhaya


Rockie DoUb ft Soko Matemai & Freak – Roll (official lyric Video)

Rockie DoUb fiercely unleashes his dominance as he collaborates with Soko Matemai and the virtuoso producer Freak, on the track titled Roll, a heart throbbing drill. The multi-award nominee DoUb isn’t obstructed by any lockdown regulations as he is using that to his advantage, securing his kingship across the regions.

Roll, (official release date, thursday 11) comes as his lead single to the much anticipated Ep eMoyo. [to be continued…]


GTi – Spectacular Venecular 2

After he’s been missing in the picture for a while, GTi has finally remembered his YouTube account. A macho appearance as he turns on the heat with some fresh sparkling bars to his newest project Spectacular Vernacular 2 No doubt, he’s been one of our late hero Cal Vin’s prodigy at Kontrol Tribe Studios. The young king has come claim back the Vernacular throne.



Multi-Award winning film maker and videographer Rasquesity of Keaiste Films and Creative Pot Media earlier this week hurled out on local artists who come for his services with an “egoistic” mind rendering him useless to be in a position to help fruitfully.

He opened up through his Facebook page which saw one of the veteran music producers Larynx concurring to this issue.

A lot of videographers, radio djs and producers would agree to that post as we have recorded a lot of similar cases occurring in the industry. This might be one of the reasons why the industry is at stand still and has been always hard for creatives to work in unity.

Beezy Kayn’s influence impacts a positive vibe in South African’s entertainment circles.

Artist : Beezy Kayn

Beezy Kayn is a Zim-SA based act who became a recording artist back in 2010. It’s kind of impossible to archive all that he has achieved without his root country recognizing his efforts. He managed to successfully reach out and ended up working with Cokayn a multi-platinum winning producer in South Africa who has worked with influencing names in the industry such as Fetty Wap, Emtee, Stogie T, Da les, Rickrick etc. ” I’ve done live performances on Etv Morning Live TV show and was given credit to perform again, also did performances in night Clubs in Summit, Maboneng, Soweto and a lot more. I’ve also appeared in a South African soap “Binnelanders “ and also done a few ads for Hunters Dry and Jägermeister. I currently have a song airing on SkyzMetro FM in Zimbabwe called “Mama” and I also have my latest music video which is Out Now and also streaming live on MIXZtv in the USA.” he said.

Watchu Talkin Bout – Beezy ( Official Video)

“Watchu Talkin Bout is a song dated all the way back to the year, 2016. Its a stereotypical song influenced by the challenges that the artist has been through and how he managed to get up on his feet and overcome any aspect of contradiction. It’s also an encouragement song to anyone #never_give_up in fulfilling their dreams.

The artist has a lot in store and he gave us a comment on what to expect from him in this year, 2021. “There’s quite a lot I want to achieve but to first stick to the basics, my goal is making it in the music industry so to open doors for a lot of young talent from my country, creating a huge fanbase, creating my own platform (record label) giving opportunities to every young talent.(especially in Zimbabwe), also giving back to the community through donations in any kind(feeding/clothing etc.) And since I find my music peculiar, the aim is to be heard right around the globe, “ he said.

Watchu Talkin Bout – Beezy ( Official Video)

Victor Muchetu opens up on how Courtney Antipas motivated him to be a better rap artist.

Artist : Victor Muchetu

Victor Muchetu decided to pay attention to the music industry in 2020 when he first met Courtney Antipas, one of the best Christian rappers in Africa. Courtney motivated him to strive for greater heights, following his dreams and getting focused on his grind.

We had a tele-conversation with the artist and gave out the following comment, “Courtney Antipas motivated me to strive for greater heights, thus following my dreams and getting me where I want to be. Now I can confidently say two of my greatest achievements so far are being able to work with Sekaison Music and working with this man (Courtney Antipas) for he has encouraged me to follow my dreams and never give up on them. His achievements of winning awards in England and around Africa have made me realize that one can get to wherever he or she wants to as long as they got God involved and are determined to achieve their goals. I’ve performed different hit shows and concepts in Bulawayo and Harare which have greatly improved my self esteem and self confidence. I’m currently working on a project featuring Kid MS from South Africa which is a big deal for me for its going to have a massive positive impact on my career…”

KEKE GOGO (Official Audio)

KEKE GOGO is an amapiano jam produced by Unvs under Sekaison records. It’s a jam that the artist is also doing a social media challenge as a way to promote the record. On that note, Victor will be releasing his first music video this month of February for the song “Ndakatadza” starring Tasha, one of the female characters who featured on Jah Prayzah’s video “Mwana Wamambo”. Check his Instagram link for the snippet. Click here to stream his track Battle on audiomack featuring Christon Bank Manaen.

Lamas Ellz ropes on T3rry Tempo & MAMA 2021 Listeners choice Nominee, ASAPH.

Lamas Ellz in an Interview at Skyz Metro

Va Va Voom is a song originally composed by (The Musician) Lamas Ellz and produced by Blaq Elly working along side with Larynx at CMR. It features the Award winning & MTV Africa Music Awards nominee Asaph together with T3RRY Tempo the Bulawayo’s golden boy..

Lamas Ellz x Sparks Miller__Fere Fere (Official Video)

The song’s release date as of yet has not yet been put out. The irony on it in relation to it’s title Va Va Voom is in the progress that these three determined and talented artistes are witnessing in their careers. The public has been captivated especially after these artistes came together in raising Bulawayo’s flag so high on legendary Vusa Mkhaya’s massive hit single titled Masiyephambili which featured various cream-artists such as Mimmie Tarukwana, Cingi, Lady Tshawe, Killemol, Mawiza Qeqeshiwe and others.

Masiyephambili featuring. Various Artists

(The Musician) Lamas Ellz lately has been a promising artist since his hit single Fere Fere made it to being one the soundtracks to the local ZBC TV drama known as ‘Dlala Ngamla‘. “My vision for 2021 is to help people get off the rollercoaster of depression that has been caused by the Global CoVid 19 pandemic. Through my music I’ll share motivation, courage , hope and comfort,” he said to one of our representatives in a tele conversation.

The previous year, 2020, (The Musician) Lamas Ellz had single titled Fak’ Umoya not only top radio charts but also finding its own way to being a soundtrack to the movie Gold Diggers. He said he’s happy and now confident with his sound after being given the opportunity to compose the theme song for Season 2 of Dlala Ngamla the local Drama.