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Artist : Pjamez

Pardon James Hove who goes by the moniker Pjamez is a hip hop artist from the City Of Kings. The aspiring artist has a music calling and some inspirational works that can transform a life.

“Music is a calling to me (inspiration work ) l never dreamt or see my self writing songs or recording in the studio…” Pjamez.

Pjamez feat Easi TrT & Killer Nox -Handimbomiri 

We had a chat with the artist and he brings some love he wants to share all the hip hop artist in the industry.

“To all my brothers and sisters who are in this music journey l will like to spread love and share something that will help you and I in this tricky difficult journey. I have been grinding and l still grinding and l never stopping cause the vision is winning, at the same time the subject is one winning.

To all the artist especially the up and coming artists, l just wanted to remind or let you know that its never late even if the radio is playing or not playing your music. Its possible to win at the same time we are the light and the future leaders in this music industry.

Accept criticism don’t ever let it kill your spirit. People will always have something (negative or positive) to say on every post or movement, its part of the journey. Lastly together we can make it lets work together…” he said.

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