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Submissions information for Sphere of Hip Hop.

We receive over a thousand submissions each week. We are selective. We only share what we feel our audience will enjoy. We cover all styles of hip-hop. If you read the information on this page and follow directions, we’ll consider what you have. If you choose not to read or follow the directions here, your submission will be ignored.

We publish content to our: blogradio station, social media, Apple Music playlistsDeezer playlistsSoundcloudSpotify playlistsYouTube.

We’re always looking for exclusives and premieres.

We listen to everything sent to us via SubmitHub. Send us your music on SubmitHub. For guaranteed written feedback, use a premium submission.

Submit to playlists: Beats OnlyChillhopJazz Hip-Hoplofi beatsMOODSelectionsGood Vibes OnlyStudy SoundsThe Find (CHH only).

You SHOULD do this

a. Introduce yourself and link us to somewhere we can check out your music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc). A brief pitch is appreciated.
b. If we ask for more information, deliver it to our desired specifications.
c. Look at our site and see what we are posting. If your submission doesn’t seem to fit, it may not suit our audience.
d. Be professional in your pitch. Spell check. Read your pitch out loud before you send. If it sounds contrived to you, well… it will sound that way to us too. Be compelling & on point.
e. Respect our time and inbox. Make it easy for us to support you. We spend a lot of time and money running Sphere of Hip-Hop. Getting posted on our site (or any other blog for that matter) is a big deal. We get a lot of traffic from all over the world. Make us want to like you and your music.

You SHOULD NOT do this

a. Forget to introduce yourself. Nothing says “You sent this to 1,000 people” like no greeting. Besides, when is the last time you just met someone and then automatically went all used car salesmen on them without a proper intro?
b. Send us a bunch of attachments we didn’t ask for.
c. Add us to any email list without our permission. This is not the business. It makes us not want to support you. We will unsubscribe and/or ask to be removed.
d. Forget to use BCC/Blind Carbon Copy when sending us a submission. This is VERY unprofessional. Nothing screams “delete me” like seeing 400 other email addresses on the email. Respect our email address.
e. Send us ANY music that has profanity, drugs, degrading women etc… we’ll pass. It’s a lock.
f. Spam us on FacebookInstagramSoundcloudTwitterYouTube or anywhere else. It’s the least effective way to get our attention and you will not get a response. Don’t ask us on social media if we received your email. We probably have received it and are reviewing it… or your submission didn’t make the cut. If you’re certain your material fits our site, keep trying when you have new stuff.
g. Continue sending us your stuff if we ask you to stop. It’s not cool. It’s the quickest way to being blocked and reported for spam.
h. Say something like “we are fans of your publication and have been reading it for years” if that’s not actually true. It doesn’t really help you here. It is off putting because it’s usually not true. It’s okay if you’re just learning about us. Be genuine.

We DO NOT do these things

a. Charge for coverage or airplay. Some other hip-hop spots do. We think that’s wack but… whatever. If you’re dope and fit our audience… we’ll support.
b. Guarantee you’ll receive coverage or how quickly we’ll post your stuff.
c. Offer better coverage if you pay for advertising.
d. Post virtually everything we receive. Our editors enjoy great variety in their hip-hop. Any style is welcome but it better be fresh! We select the best stuff that we know our audience likes. We also try to introduce new/different stuff to challenge our audience but it always has to be right.


We’re phasing out email submissions in 2019. Use one of the options below before sending an email. Email is the absolute last thing we check.

We listen to everything sent to us via SubmitHub. For guaranteed written feedback, use a premium submission.