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Harare-based artists Takudzwa TK and Kae Chaps have worked jointly to grace us with the single “Let me”.

Takudzwa TK – (Let Me ft. Kae Chaps) audio

‘Let Me’ comes to celebrate womanhood as the writers also applaud how the girl-child is doing well with her hustle.

Takudzwa TK is quite an ambitious rapper who has never stopped pushing for finer things in life.

He explains how some things may not be monetary yet sometimes the best thing in life is to have the most dedicated partner and not being involved in inter-sexual relationships like how the current youths are doing.

We had an online conversation with the artist Takudzwa TK as he spoke about his newest offering and how he got to feature the R’n’B artist of the moment Kae Chaps.

” I don’t write much of love content but thought to myself let me have some music for the ladies and “general listeners,” to celebrate womanhood.

“If you listen to the track I applaud how the girl is doing well with her hustle. How beautiful she is… If she gets to be mine we can do big things.”

“I am quite ambitious myself and I never stop pushing for finer things in life. This may not be monetary but sometimes the best thing in life we talk of is a marriage of two people who actually stick together not having many relationships like what youth of this generation do…”

He added, “My woman would be the only one in my life and no other girl competes. She is the best…”

takudzwa TK
Let Me

Takudzwa TK on Let Me track

The “Let Me” track was recorded around the mid-last year. He recorded at Futronic Studios, the same studio that Kae Chaps uses.

“So we met there and just got to work on some music together some days. I actually have more than one track with the guy. so the track is basically about me just proposing to a girl”, he said.

“Content usually kicks in once I play a beat and the first time I heard the beat (made by phoenix3x) I started meditating on the chorus and then the verses came next…”

“I don’t sing so I got Kae Chaps to do the hook and add on some of his content.”

“I always have the beat first then I write something with a beat. Content-wise I just use what I have experienced or what I am experiencing.”

He added, “Just what good things all the beautiful women in my life do? I can’t really say one girl inspired the whole song although a greater part is about this other model who is always on the go.”

Takudzwa TK is always an artist who strives for the best in life.

He has female model friends, hustling chicks -some sell clothes and runs salons, etc. Women in those groups are the kind of females he dedicated the song for.

He concluded by saying that, “someone that is pushing for greatness in their life is his kind of a woman.”

Takudzwa TK
Takudzwa TK

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