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The Whole Tribe – Incwadi

The Whole Tribe is a hip hop duo group which strives in spreading positivity and making positive change in the people’s lives. It is made up of two young male rappers- Alacai and Mokays( both 19 years turning 20 years) .It is a duo based in Makokoba, Bulawayo.

The track is ‘Incwadi’ comes as a single release from their up coming EP ‘Myself Expressions’ The idea of the track came when they spoke to their home boy (Cousin/Relative) Anderson , who told them about how he misses his twin brother whose in South Africa and the duo saw it as a good motivational story to craft a hit song from it.

The Whole Tribe – Shabby (Official Video)

As a rap duo , they’ve made quite a number of tracks which have been played on radio stations. We had a social media chat with one of the members (AlacaiTwT) who gave out the following comment, “Since we started up to now , we have made eleven(11) published songs. Some of them were not uploaded on any social media due to some causes. We have done songs like ; Taq It Baq , Hello , Old Days , Never be the same , Through the window, Talent Nyariri , Themba lam’, Shabby(Shabby has a Video which is our first Video) …”

” we are currently working on an EP called ‘Myself Expressions’ , which we aim to release this year. This is going to be our first EP and we assure people that it’s something worthwhile. Incwadi will also feature on the Ep as the video shoot for the track is currently in progress…” he said.

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