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TVTENDV dedicates a single track titled ‘Motherland’ to his home and better half. TVTENDV is a young aspiring Zim – USA based producer and artist who’s been inspired to write a love letter dedicated to his motherland (Zim) and his better half.

Tvtendv – motherland

Speaking of the new single, he said that his better half is always on big travels so he wrote this letter with her in mind. “We’ve been on several trips together but one place I wanted to take her was home…she’s really big on travel so I wrote it with her in mind.” he said.


TVTENDV motherland

The youngster who’s super excited about his love life added that thinking about Zimbabwe his motherland gave him some inspiration to craft this wonderful jam. ” I haven’t been in a while but it’s where I grew up and that helped me draw up the imagery I was putting together as I was looking for some inspiration. “

“The little things I saw growing up were things that helped to build the scene.” he added.

Motherland the track is an incorporation of rap and a mellow Afro/Island vibe that’s very fitting of the song’s theme.

TVTENDV – Garden (Official Lyric Video)

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